Kids Love Little Jots

Whenever I go to school I miss my mom….and when she writes a little jot for me it makes me feel like she is there talking to me.”

Dad, I really like these. Can I get one everyday… please?”
~R.C., Age 7

When my mom sneaks me a little jot it makes me know she loves me and I feel special.

I feel special and it gives me hope for that day. It’s also my lucky charm on text day.
~R.T. Age 12

Writing a Little JOTS Lunchbox Note

Child receiving a Little Jots Lunch Note

After seeing Little Jots, some of our School District Counsellors decided to pilot the use of this product in their parenting classes. These classes were often co-facilitated with community partners such as child psychologists, mental health clinicians, social workers, pediatricians, and pediatric nurses. The response to Little Jots by both these professionals and their parent participants was overwhelmingly positive. Comments ranged from “It changed the way in which I relate to my children” to “I can’t believe that such a small gesture would have such a great impact. My 13 year old daughter is now smiling and talking to me!” After hearing these comments, and seeing my own children’s and grandchildren’s response to Little Jots, I would highly recommend the use of this product to anyone who has children or is involved in working with them.
~ Brenda F.,
Registered Clinical Counsellor


I love these notes. I’m not my best in the mornings. I can slip one of these secret messages into her lunch bag and know at midday she will be reminded of how much I cherish her, even though I was rushed and distracted when she last saw me.
~ Jill Daum, co-author, “Moms the Word”


I was recently away for 5 days on a business trip. I decided I would leave 5 ‘Little Jots’ notes for my son to open in the morning… one for each day I was not there. I just wanted him to know I was thinking about him and he was on my mind. Even though he can’t read yet, my wife read the notes to him daily. He said he looked forward to them every morning when he woke up!
~Steve F.

I think a lot about which small gestures might end up being the things that my kids remember for a lifetime, and I think these thoughtful notes have the potential to be part of some pretty powerful memories. For me, they are like small gems I can tuck away for those moments when I really want to make sure they know I am there for them. The Little Jots messages are like a refresher course in the things I most want to convey to my kids!
~Lisa O

I am a nurse and mother of three. I often have to leave in the morning before I see my kids. Writing them a Little Jot note or signing one is simple and quick and lets them know I am thinking about them. They just love it, and it helps them to connect with me at the end of the day.
~Sandra M.

Little Jots is a well designed tool that makes it so easy to communicate meaningful messages to our loved ones.
~Jill E.

My kids love to find a Little Jot in their lunch bag. I would often write them notes but the cute graphics and colourful look of the Little Jots has a whole new appeal. ‘Where did you get this Mommy?’ and ‘My friends really liked it’ are the comments I get from the kids. One night my daughter left a note folded on my pillow and on the outside she had written “Write your Mom a Hug!
~Jane F.

I love being able to have my daughter feel connected to me during what seems like a very long school day to her sometimes. Little Jots are fantastic!
~Franca B.

It’s great!! I’m still writing my notes every day and my child loves them. If I forget a day, she asks about why there was no note – she looks forward to them. In every note, I include one difficult word that she’ll need to spend an extra moment figuring out how to read. It makes her excited about learning to read. Thanks again.
~Michelle P.

My son reminded me today how much he likes getting notes from me, and asked for one to be put in his lunch bag. I grabbed a Little Jots note and away we go…
~Perry C

Gave Little Jots as gifts to my friends in SF and they all went nuts for them! Could be the start of an international sensation!
~Amy V.

I personally have this booklet and love it! Every so often I surprise my daughter with a quick note in her lunchkit and she loves it!
~Cathy P.

Ensuring your children know exactly how much they mean to you, how you feel about them, and that you are always thinking of them, even when you are not with them, is an important ingredient in the journey to raising great people.  Judging by how my kids are reacting to the notes, I know the notes are sending this clear and special message to my children – even when I’m not there.
~Jennifer H.

Well the little jots were a big hit! Even sent one with my husband. Once again, great idea and product. Thanks so much!
~Tiffany B.

Last month we sent our daughter away to university and when she was flipping through your pre-written jots she wept because the notes were so relevant and meaningful for her at a time when she was missing our girl so much.  So not only are we going to use them for our 8 year old, we’re also going to include them with the care packages that will be sent to our 18 year old as well!
~Jeremy C.

Little Jots are so great to remind your children how much you care. I’ve included a Little Jots note the last couple of days in my son’s lunch and he is loving it. He is just learning how to read, so he’s having a great time opening the notes and realizing that he can read everything I’ve written. I chose an easy pre-written one today – “I believe in you” and he came home so proud that he could read it himself (well almost read it – believe was a little tricky)
~Lisa P.

I stashed a few Little Jots in my son’s camping supplies this weekend…Last time I did that my husband said he hugged the notes.
~Lullaby League

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