Little JOTS Story

Every child deserves to feel connected, valued, special and loved.

Little JOTS lunch box notecards started as an idea to help kids receive positive messages. My vision was to support families in developing a sense of love and connection, even when apart.

I knew that kids thrive on staying connected to their parents and on receiving the right kind of positive affirmations and love. Unfortunately, children receive six times more negative than positive comments in an average day. Anxiety disorders are also the most common illness affecting children and youth today.

The question that kept nagging at me was, “how can I help?” This was the start of Little JOTS. Little JOTS became my way to help parents make a healthy habit of sharing positive messages with their kids in a fun, simple, accessible way.

I developed Little JOTS in conjunction with child therapists to help parents regularly send these uplifting messages of love. Little JOTS make it possible for parents to learn and share the positive, loving messages their children need without reading a manual, investing in a course, or learning a complicated system. Any parent can immediately use Little JOTS upon receiving them and customize them for their child’s needs.

Through this experience, I learned that the single most important thing is to let our children know that we love them unconditionally and to help them feel valued, loved and appreciated. A Little JOTS lunch note is a perfect gift to let our children know that they are in our hearts all the time and we love them no matter what.

Little JOTS notes are a daily hug from mom or dad taped to your child’s mirror in the morning, found in his lunch box at school, or secreted under his pillow when the babysitter puts him to bed.

Maria, Proud Mom and Creator of Little JOTS
Write your child a hug™ and create memories to last a lifetime!

“I see real value in parents having these pre-written notes available to send along with their children. I encourage parents in all my parenting groups to use these types of notes to provide points of “connection” during the day to help “bridge” the absence. Having a selection of notes to choose from makes it more likely that parents will follow through and actually begin sending notes to school, while it also models the language of different ways of sharing, caring and showing affection.
Fear of separation is at the root of all anxieties, so a gentle reminder to the child that Mom or Dad thinks they are “special” can really help lower their stress level and make a child feel more confident in school. Having a secure feeling of attachment to their parents makes the child more resilient; if a peer makes a hurtful comment, it is buffered by the child knowing that their parents deeply care about them. Feeling secure in ones attachments also makes it easier for the child to engage socially and emotionally with their peers, since peer rejection will not be the devastating experience it is for those kids whose only attachments are peers.”
~B.K. School Counsellor

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